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About WaDokuEi

WaDokuEi was established as an independent language learning project in February of the year 2011. The name WaDokuEi consists of Japanese reading for Japanese (wa), German (doku) and English (ei), which represent the languages I handle.
Already at the end of the year 2011 the translation service was expanded. In September of the year 2014 a trade service between Japan and Germany was expanded. At the moment WaDokuEi offers 3 different services:

1. WaDokuEi Kyoushitsu
2. WaDokuEi Translation
3. WaDokuEi Trading.

By possibility of free chooseable (according to the schedule of the teacher) lesson days, lesson time and lesson length as well as lesson places, WaDokuEi Kyoushitsu will be a perfect alternative to strict and unflexible language lessons of other language schools. Beside the language lessons, WaDokuEi offers as a special professional pronunciation lessons and lessons for learning the international pronunciation alphabet, which often not deep enough or not included in the programs of other language schools.

By possibility of making statements or explaining grammar and important points in Japanese and English, WaDokuEi will be even for absolute beginners, which are interested in learning a new foreign language, the best choise.

WaDokuEi Kyoushitsu - facts

name WaDokuEi Kyoushitsu Matsumoto
homepage www.matsumoto-wadokueikyoushitsu.com
Kontakt: email heinrich@matsumoto-wadokueikyoushitsu.com
Kontakt: cell phone +81 90/5824 4745
Kontakt: phone +81 263/87 5414
owner Ronny Thomas Heinrich
office Matsumoto Ote 1-1-22-604
start 02.02.2011
start self-reliance: 01.09.2014
VAT number 09845689